Paeonia Plant Images 
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Peony plants are as interesting as their flowers are.  Here you can find pictures of roots, foliage, flowering plants, etc...  All good stuff.  Nice clump images at the end of the group.
Woody peonies and a black cat
Herbaceous Peonies Fall buds on a woody peony Terminal bud on a woody peony Peonies along the Cedars Display Peony seedlings in the Cedars Display
Corn Cribb Display Field FA display Herbaceous field Herabceous peony field after fall cleanup Herbaceous peony field starting spring growth Herbaceous field (east) in bloom
Another view in the Cedar Display Chinese Gansu-mudan in bloom.  Peony field (south)  Woodies emerging Herbaceous field from under the trees A unique tall lutea hybrid:  NB-SH136
NB-SH136 again Woody peonies heading for the compost heap (deselections from out hybridizing prog.) High Noon fall foliage Dreaming of seedling bloom to come Peony with seed pods (are there any seeds in the carpels?) Rockii lineage x Rosalind Elsie Franklin
Murad of Hershey Bar with March Snow on the plant. NB-SH65 in early growth Gansu-mudan in early growth 3 year old rockii lineage seedlings P. delavayi 'trolliodes' in early growth-beautiful .5 year old grafts blooming
Freshly planted grafting bed covered in mulch More freshly planted grafts in hilled rows. 2 year old grafts with older plants in surrounding rows. Matching the scion to the nurse root. Grafting with Jeff, Cory and Harvey Divided 7 year old graft with no roots of its own
Divided 7 year old graft More woodies Rockii lineage plant in bud Woody propagation area P. mairei in bud P. anomala in bud
NB-H78 in early bud-super foliage Nosegay x mollis in bud Nosegay x mollis in bud P. anomala P. veitchii 'abla' P. veitchii 'mongolia'
P. mairei 'Sol' P. caucasica P. mascula var. mascula P. russoi P. arientina P. tenufolia
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