People at Solaris Farms
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Many people frequent the farm during the summer to tour and shop.  Our youthful staff is as much fun as the gardens (maybe).  If you like to be entertained by youthful banter, listening to chickens is not necessary.  We see lots of smiles from visitors and hope that this continues for years. 
Joe and Hazel Cook at the farm APS members tour the farm APS members taking in the herbaceous field Carol Adelman collecting pollen At Betty and Dick Dahlke's garden David and Carol Adelman at the APS flower exhibition
Exhibition prep with Lois Girton and Hazel Cook Scott Parker doing exhibition prep The plant thief Kim and the 'Queen of the Show' Kim and Kris Casey Lore Sampson, Joe Cook, Piet Wiestra and Scott Parker at the farm.
Hazel, Nate and Reiner discussing seedlings Looking at the seedling poenies Adriana Feng and Bill Seidl Bill Siedl and Viking Full Moon Bill hybridizing woody peonies Bill and Hazel
Bill and Nate with Angel Emily Don Smith at Bill Seidl's lot A June visit to Bill Seidl's lot Hazel, Bill and Angel Choir Carol Adelman and Lois Girton at hybridizing workshop Big mouth at hybridizing workshop!
Harvey Buchite presenting at the hybridizing workshop Good times at the hybridizing workshop Scott Parker stripping the pollen from NB30 Lunch among the peonies Tim Stanek collecting pollen Jill Stevens and seedlings
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